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The Inclusive Side of Oneness Pt.2: Anti-Racist Training for the Spiritual Practitioner

Facilitated by Dr. Joel Brown
Sat. August 1st, 2020 1pm-4pm (ZOOM)

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As spiritual leaders, we understand several fundamental things: 1) We are all connected; 2) Each person possesses beauty and wisdom; and 3) The life we live gives us an opportunity each day to recognize our power and truth. And yet, if we know these things, it seems we are missing a grand opportunity to use our spiritual calling and wisdom to further social justice. 
In the wake of the George Floyd murder and the related uprisings, there have been certainly been calls by leaders - both in the secular and spiritual space - to promote greater social justice and awareness. But if we’re being honest, there are times when the spiritual practitioner may delude themselves into thinking that socio-political engagement is separate from spiritual growth, or that the events of this world are less important than thoughts of the here-after. That is a mistake. We believe that spirituality requires full attention to the political and social events of the day. As practitioners, spirituality invites us to greater social awareness, and it most assuredly welcomes us to be more anti-racist. 
This workshop is the second part of an introductory course designed to speak to spiritual practitioners who want to elevate their spiritual practice and use their personal platform to support greater racial equity and social justice. Specifically, this segment will have these key objectives: 
  • Reviewing the definition of anti-racism and reactions to Part 1
  • Clearing individual challenges to anti-racism in spiritual circles
  • Managing the topic of race in institutional dynamics, including policy, activism, member outreach, community engagement, and conversations with disaffected congregants 
  • Identifying practical steps for building sustainable anti-racist spiritual communities that promote spiritual development in ways that foster belonging, seek justice, and love mercy. 
This workshop is for you if: you want to build an anti-racist spiritual community.
This presentation is a 3-hour workshop designed to be personal, experiential, and creative. There will be a blend of individual, small group, and large group activities, and we will be engaging the head, the heart, and the body. It will be led by New Thought Practitioner Dr. Joel A. Brown and Rev. Dr. Nick van Santen of Pneumos LLC, a management consulting and coaching firm based in San Francisco dedicated to equity, growth, health, and transformation. 
If you have been asking what you can do to make society a better place, this workshop will be a good place to start to address your own consciousness and comfort in confronting racism. 
All work starts internally...and all work must begin anew.
Completion of Pt.1 is NOT required to participate.
Testimonials from Pt. 1 partipants:
No one could be better suited to lead UOTR in an anti racism workshop than Dr. Joel Brown.  After doing a series of 3 conversations on racism at our Sunday services, he offered a 3 hour workshop focused on anti racism and white allyship.  I attended all of these.  Joel is an internationally known thought leader and has done extensive diversity, equity and inclusion leadership work at the corporate and academic levels.  He incorporates storytelling into his presentations and is able to keep his audience both engaged and inspired for hours at a time!  He put racism and oppression into historical perspective and helped participants see the many ways we can be anti racist in our everyday lives.  I came away with a sense of awe at the oneness of humanity and a renewed passion for being "love in action" particularly around marginalized people.  We are lucky.  Joel is doing a second workshop which I will also attend and cannot recommend highly enough that others take advantage of this opportunity. - Lynette C.
"This is one of the best workshops I've attended in a while. The depth of knowledge shared was stellar. It was well paced and interactive. So much valuable information given in a safe space to process, learn, and assimilate. I highly recommend this workshop." - Amy J.
"This workshop is by far the best format I have experienced in the search of educating myself on racism. It creates a thought provoking environment where we are able to be open and vulnerable as we dive deeply into ourselves and the ever present issue of racism. While we may be aware of racism there are subtleties that Dr. Joel Brown and Nick van Staten gently bring to light. This workshop left me thinking “Hmmm” and wanting for more." - Rena D.

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