Sunday, April 20, 2014

Board of Trustees

The Unity on the River (UOTR) board of trustees is a nine-member body of committed individuals who strive to insure a clear focus on UOTR’s mission, growth, values, and fiscal stability. Board members are elected into at annual meeting each February and serve a term of three years.

Jackie Woodside, President Jackie is a masterful speaker, trainer and professional coach specializing in supporting people in being their “God-Self-on-Earth.”  She leads spiritual retreats and has spoken at numerous Unity churches, was a featured speaker at the Unity Worldwide Ministries Eastern Region Conference (2010 and 2013), the national Unity People’s convention (2012) and was a featured trainer in the Association of Unity Churches Enlightened Leaders Program (2011). Jackie is an Amazon Best Selling author of a new book entitled “What If It’s Time for a Change…?”, a contributing author in the award-winning book “Conscious Entrepreneurs,” a regularly contributing author to Unity’s Contact Magazine as well as The New Face of Leadership Magazine in a column called “Coaches Corner.” She is the founder of the Woodside Wellness Institute and the creator of a spiritually-oriented empowerment program called, “The Curriculum for Conscious Living.”
Ellen Labrie, Vice President Ellen has been active with UOTR since 1995. She joined the board in 2010 after receiving a nudge from Spirit to serve and became Vice President in 2012. One of Ellen’s great joys has been observing people stepping up in a big way to serve UOTR, and thereby lifting the consciousness of all.
John Wernsdorfer, Treasurer John has been attending UOTR since August 2009 and became a member in February 2010. He cherishes the fellowship and community of UOTR. His world has expanded and grown from listening to the message and applying the Unity principles. He is deeply grateful to know he can ask for what he wants and expect to receive it. He knows that love is the medicine and grace is the messenger. John is the father of three and grandfather of two. He has worn many career hats including contractor, handyman, landlord, and engineer. He is currently a realtor and is a teacher and practicing Martial Artist. Born into a military family, John and his four brothers and sisters have lived in many places and experienced many blessings and hardships. Grateful to be involved in such a loving community, UOTR brings him much peace, gratitude and eagerness to serve this community.
John Maier, Secretary John has been coming to UOTR since 2010, and before that attended Unity Somerville for 2 years.  During his first service at UOTR, he felt he had come home.  The energy, the commitment, the friendly outreach was very moving.  Soon John got involved, first volunteering in the bookstore, and for the past year and a half in hospitality.  He has taken prosperity and prayer classes and many workshops and all are part of his evolving spiritual quest which really came into focus with his first pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in 1995 (He has repeated this twice, most recently in Fall, 2012). Offering himself in service on the Board is yet another way in to grow spiritually, and help to grow a community that has great meaning to him. John has spent his entire professional career in education, teaching at both the college and high school level, directed the Spanish department for five years, coached any number of sports, and organized and led study abroad programs.
John Davey, Member John began coming to Unity on the River in 1999. He quickly got involved in ushering and greeting on Sundays and he and his wife Mary always found spiritual support from many people. The friendliness and love in the community along with the open door policy that honors all paths to God gave John everything he wanted from his spiritual home. In the last 4 years he has delighted in attending five Nehemiah weeks atUnityVillage as a way to come together for volunteer work to maintain the grounds and facilities atUnityVillage, an experience he would recommend to everyone. John wants to see our community grow spiritually and physically and is honored to be serving on the Board. John has completed a vacated term on the Board this year and is ready to start a two-year term.
Kathy Kenyon, Member Kathy first attended Unity on the River in the fall of 2005 and became a member in June of 2007. Kathy is a School Psychologist as well as spiritual seeker. Kathy is grateful for all that she has gained from being a part of this vibrant spiritual community and how being a part of UOTR has enhanced her appreciation for all aspects of her life. Kathy was involved in the Disciples program, has sung in the choir and been a Greeter. Serving on the Board is a way of giving back to a community that has given her so much.
Nancy Lincoln, Member Nancy’s background includes elementary school teaching, engineering, HR, technical publications, cash applications, quality system, contract, and executive management. She has owned her own consulting business, done project management and sailplane flight instruction. Her hobbies include skiing, boating, and riding her Harley. When Nancy first came to UOTR and browsed in the bookstore at books and CDs identical to her home collection and she felt the spiritual energy in the sanctuary. She returned to experience a Sunday with Shipley and cried through the entire service. After growing up in the very conventional Episcopal faith, Unity was like coming home to herself. She has volunteered in the bookstore, hospitality, visual teams and ushered. She has participated in numerous workshops, retreats, and classes offered at UOTR. She is now being called to contribute her 4Ts on the Board.
Greg Meyer, Member Greg was first introduced to Unity in Cincinnati, OH in 2000. While attending his first service at New Thought Unity Center he heard, “Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.” This resonated with him at his core and still does today. Greg was an active member there serving as a chaplain and attended many classes (Unity Basics, 4T, Keys to the Kingdom, Adventures in Faith, etc.) and men’s group meetings.  When Greg moved to Portsmouth, NH in July 2005, he quickly settled in at Unity on the River. Here he served as a chaplain, helped plan a men’s retreat, worked with Jane/Morgan on budgetary issues, helped reconcile QuickBooks and currently serves on the PowerPoint team. Greg grew up inCincinnati and the Catholic faith; howeverNew England has become his haven and Unity on the River his spiritual home. As a spiritual adventurer, Greg took courses in Interfaith Studies from the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (ChIME) and attended Aryaloka Buddhist Center in Newmarket, NH. Greg has worked in business development and sales for the past 15-20 years. He currently holds the role of Vice President of Business Development for tool., Inc. – a product development consultancy in Marblehead, MA and has grown the company by over 62%; 2010-2011 have been the most prosperous years in the company’s history. Greg is married to Erica Meyer, an active participant at UOTR. He enjoys riding his motorcycle, good barbecue, hoppy beers and rooting forCincinnati sports teams.
Mark W. Schneider, Member Mark found Unity on the River through his wife-to-be, Renee, in 2005 and immediately knew that he had found his spiritual home. The principles of Unity completely express the philosophies of living that he was searching for and now aspires to be.  Becoming a member in 2006, he has served in Greeting, Food/Hospitality, Music, and Technical teams.  Excited to serve on the Board of Trustees, he is inspired to see and celebrate the presence in every person he meets and to help Unity continue its mission to awaken all of humanity to its Divinity. Mark is a hands-on manager in technology to support his hobby, playing trombone with the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra, area swing bands and musical productions. In 2012 he achieved a lifetime dream when he played with the PSO at Carnegie Hall.