Sunday, November 29, 2015

Board of Trustees

The Unity on the River (UOTR) board of trustees is a nine-member body of committed individuals who strive to insure a clear focus on UOTR’s mission, growth, values, and fiscal stability. Board members are elected into at annual meeting each February and serve a term of three years.

Elaine Gaffny, President 
Elaine Gaffny started coming to Unity on the River in the fall of 2012. Unity’s message is the framework for the beliefs she has always held, so it felt like coming home. Elaine has volunteered in many ways at UOTR—decorating, fundraising, cleaning team and the bookstore. She was honored to be considered to serve on the Board of Trustees. Elaine is a social worker in the area of child welfare and is the Director of My Joy Enterprises, LLC. Elaine has and continues to serve as an inspiring and creative Fundraising leader.
John Maier, Vice President
John has been coming to UOTR since 2010, and before that attended Unity Somerville for 2 years.  During his first service at UOTR, he felt he had come home.  The energy, the commitment, the friendly outreach was very moving.  Soon John got involved, first volunteering in the bookstore, and for the past year and a half in hospitality.  He has taken prosperity and prayer classes and many workshops and all are part of his evolving spiritual quest which really came into focus with his first pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in 1995 (He has repeated this twice, most recently in Fall, 2012). Offering himself in service on the Board is yet another way in to grow spiritually, and help to grow a community that has great meaning to him. John has spent his entire professional career in education, teaching at both the college and high school level, directed the Spanish department for five years, coached any number of sports, and organized and led study abroad programs.
Christine Masello, Treasurer
Christine started coming to Unity in 2012. She attended a Prosperity Class and decided that this was a place that she felt comfortable, welcomed and right at home. Since that first class she has helped volunteer in hospitality, decorating team, and the Gala. At this point in her life, with one son getting married and her youngest being 19, she felt that it was time to give back to the community that helped her grow spiritually in every area of her life. She has been employed by Anton’s Cleaners for 30 years as office manager preparing the books, as well as acting as property manager for many sites.
Mark W. Schneider, Secretary
Mark found Unity on the River through his wife-to-be, Renee, in 2005 and immediately knew that he had found his spiritual home. The principles of Unity completely express the philosophies of living that he was searching for and now aspires to be.  Becoming a member in 2006, he has served in Greeting, Food/Hospitality, Music, and Technical teams.  Excited to serve on the Board of Trustees, he is inspired to see and celebrate the presence in every person he meets and to help Unity continue its mission to awaken all of humanity to its Divinity. Mark is a hands-on manager in technology to support his hobby, playing trombone with the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra, area swing bands and musical productions. In 2012 he achieved a lifetime dream when he played with the PSO at Carnegie Hall.
Tina Michaud Gray PhotoTina M. Michaud-Gray, Member
Tina is the proud mom of two amazing young adults, Isabella and Alexander, and lives in Barrington, New Hampshire with her daughter. Tina has been attending Unity on the River since 1999, was in the first chaplain program in 2001, is a life coach through the Tony Robbins –Cloe Madanes training, RN, Licensed Massage Therapist, and a skilled health care professional with over twenty years of clinical experience in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). As a trailblazer in pain relief and recovery from injuries and surgery, she is the founder of the New England Rapid Recovery Center, located in both Dover, NH and North Andover, MA, and developer of a unique combination of healing technologies including the non-invasive, state-of-the-art Rapid Recovery system. Also using the knowledge from all her fields of study, Tina is able to assist chronic pain patients to regain quality of life.
Linda Leland, Member  Linda realized that UOTR was her home upon her first visit in 2002. Although she lived an hour away, she quickly became a member and has been joyfully involved in various types of service here ever since. As a result of the spiritual guidance she has received at Unity, she has chosen to dedicate her life to serving God and this community (same thing, actually). She recently moved to the seacoast to be closer to UOTR and all it has to offer. She is a Wellness and Spiritual Life Coach as well as an ordained minister through The Teachers of God Foundation. She has 3 beautiful (grown) children and is very happily married.
Jay Uhler, Member Unity on the River is my center for spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social support. It is an enormous privilege to be invited on the Board of this vibrant center of spiritual growth. It is special to serve with the caring members on the Board, especially with Rev. Ogun as minister. My experience includes serving as pastor in parishes and appointment to “Ministry in the Secular World.” My ministry as a Psychologist is providing individual, couple and family therapies and has been directing clinics, consulting to and training staffs in mental hospitals and mental health clinics, coaching corporate executives and consulting to corporations. My ministry has specialized in conflict resolution in organizations in the U.S. and Europe, as well as coordinating the Dispute Resolution Forum at Harvard Law School, training attorneys and being a guest lecturer at law schools and universities. Singing as a professional entertainer and directing a Barbershop chorus have been fun parts of my ministries. Even though Unity on the River is an amazing place, it is exciting to experience it continuing to grow and to be able to grow with it.