YWCA-Elves for Families

Thank you to those who have been such wonderful elves and already contributed to making these families Christmas wishes come true!
The list below has been updated and we're in the last week to put these gifts together and wrap :)
Please email MaryJane at operations@unityontheriver.org, or call the office, if you would like to contribute any of highlighted gifts requested below.
Gifts need to be brought to the office by Dec 4 and we will be wrapping on Dec 7 if anyone wants to join us.  
Please bring wrapping paper and let the office know if you can join us.
Thank you!
This family has 2 - 3 (Adults - Kids).
When asked what they enjoy doing together, they answered: Movies, music, camping, trampoline places, laser tag, swimming, camp fires, cookout etc....
When asked if they wanted their gifts wrapped, their answer was: No.
Kid 1, Boy, 17.
Interests: Music, video games, football, goes for walks. .
Shoe Size: 13.
Clothing Size: Hoodies XL mens, pajama pants XL, shirts XL
Needs: socks, hoodies, & pajama pants.  PURCHASED
     Curve cologne,
     Playstation gift cards,
     Timberland boots,
electric razor.  PURCHASED
Kid 2, Girl, 15.
Interests: Music, make-up, singing, shopping..
Shoe Size: 8 womens.
Clothing Size: Hoodie/shirts Lg. Pj's Lg.
Needs: hoodie, pj's & socks.  PURCHASED
     Billie Ellish throw blanket.  PURCHASED
     Billie Ellish poster,
     Combat boots,
     platform sneakers, .
Kid 3, Boy, 14.
Interests: Music, movies/tv, video games, working out art etc.....
Shoe Size: 8 mens.
Clothing Size: Hoodies mens sm/med. Pj's mens sm.
Needs: hoodie, pj's & novelty socks.  PURCHASED
     Rick & Morty throw blanket.  PURCHASED
     Rick & Morty poster/stickers,
     Timberland boots,
     Gift card to Walmart.  PURCHASED
Adult 1, Female, 45.
Interests: .
Shoe Size: 7.5/8.
Clothing Size: Hoodies 1X, jeans 13/14 womens
Needs: Jeans, zip up hoodie, sneakers, tupperware, food gift card.  PURCHASED
Wishes: Eternity for women perfume, & king size comforter/quilt set.  PURCHASED
Adult 2, Male, 42.
Interests: .
Needs: Winter coat and PJ's  PURCHASED



This family has 2 - 3 (Adults - Kids).
When asked what they enjoy doing together, they answered: Movies/Bowling/Eating out/Camping/Sports. 1 Adult/1 Child is my son/grandson (homeless currently).
When asked if they wanted their gifts wrapped, their answer was: Yes.
Kid 1, Girl, 17.
Interests: Sports (BBall/Lacrosse)/Hanging with friends/Studious child - studies hard..
Shoe Size: Size 9.
Clothing Size: Lg/womens
    No-show socks.
    Black leggings (Lg - tall girl. prefers long ones).
     Vans white slip on or tie, size 9   PURCHASED
     Silver/Gold jewlery.
     Walmart Hair Salon gift card.  PURCHASED
     Walmart gift card.
     Mall gift card..
Kid 2, Girl, 16.
Interests: Sports/Hang with friends/fashion (trendy).
Shoe Size: 8 - converse slip ons.
Clothing Size: Woman's Lg - Boys sweats - medium
     Black leggins (lg)
     Jeans (size 11)
     Sweats (men's medium).
     Northface Backpack, black.  PURCHASED
     Perfumes/body sprays,
     Walmart Hair Salon gift card.  PURCHASED
     Gift card to mall/footlocker..
Kid 3, Boy, 1.
IShoe Size: .
Clothing Size: 24 monthsnterests: play with toys.
    24 month sleep wear   
     Fllintstone car sled
     Any Melissa/Doug toys. 
     Beginner's art supplies. 
     Puzzles  PURCHASED
     Piano (keyboard).  PURCHASED   
     Large legos.  PURCHASED    
Adult 1, Male, 26.
Interests: .
Shoe Size: 11.
Clothing Size: XL Men's
     Insulated work boots.
     Jeans 34-32.
     Shirts/sweatshirt (XL).
     Any outdoor gear - construction worker.
    Food gift card.  PURCHASED
    Walmart, or movies.
Adult 2, Female, 48.
Interests: .
Shoe Size: .
Clothing Size: XL
     Sports t shirts/sweats.
     Cozy couch throw.
     Weighted blanket.  PURCHASED
     Walmart gift card.
     Air fryer  PURCHASED
     Bread maker.