Youth and Family Education

Youth and Family Ministry


The children of our world live from a core awareness of God’s indwelling presence and infinite love.


We are a vibrant Youth and Family Ministry supporting the spiritual journey of each child through love, joy and creativity.

The Youth and Family Ministry at Unity on the River honors each child and family as an expression of the Christ within.

Our Y&FM encourages the spiritual unfoldment of its youth as a celebration of God through programs and activities for all youth (from newborns to high school students). Unity offers its youth a nurturing, safe space to learn, share, grow, and celebrate Unity principles.

While the adults attend the Sunday service, Unity’s classrooms are full of children and teens exploring Unity principles and teachings. Parents may sign in their children for classes at 9:45 a.m., fifteen minutes before the Sunday service begins.

In age-appropriate groups, volunteer teachers begin each class with a circle of prayer, song, affirmation, personal sharing, and meditation. Using Unity’s Living Curriculum, lessons include teachings from the Bible, sacred texts, inspirational books, and meaningful stories, as well as experiential activities in creative expression, art projects, music and dance.

As the students develop a personal discovery of his or her relationship with God, they are encouraged to ask questions and express their own truth as an individual. 

Sunday Programs

  • Ensuring the safety of the children in our care is our highest priority.
  • All parents/guardians are required to sign their children age 2 to 13 in each Sunday and have a registration form on file.
  • Once Sunday service has ended parents must come to the platform to sign children out.
  • All staff and volunteers have undergone a background check.
  • Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or volunteer who has had a background check in the Youth & Family area before and after service begins.
  • The Youth & Family Ministry classrooms are closed after 12:30. Please respect the space and pick up after your children.

    Infants/Unitots ; Childcare for infants 6 months to 2 years of age.

    Our nursery staff lovingly interacts with our youngest members, affirming the Christ presence within them. 
    Childcare workers provide infants with relaxing music and stories and encourage creative play to nurture mental and spiritual development.


Our Preschool youth meet in the Joy room at Unity on the River. The day begins with Circle Time with songs, a safe keeper activity and a heart centering prayer to affirm the God within each child. The children then move to a story corner for a story and lesson from the Unity Living Curriculum. The preschoolers experience is enriched further with music movement activities and creative expression.

Through loving compassionate staff the children learn that this is a safe place to open and trust their inner God selves.

Unikids;  5-7 years

Unipals:  8-10 years

Y&FM Ministry Curriculum Focus Creating experiences that:

  • Help the children know that they are loved as they are.
  • Explore Jesus as a model of Love and Goodness.
  • Help the children understand that they too, have the spiritual potential to express their best.

    Unitys middle school students are referred to as Uni-teens. Through the use of Unity basic curriculum, the Bible, and a variety of other resources, the Uni-teens have an opportunity to explore practical applications of Unity Truth principles, compassionate communication methods, and relationship building skills. Heartfelt sharing and positive reinforcement by peers is encouraged and guided by empathetic adult teachers. The Uni-teens are also actively involved in both service to the church and supportive community building activities. In addition, they have the opportunity to enhance their social skills through interaction at group activities such as overnights at UOTR, Uni-teen retreats and spiritual fellowship.

    Y.O.U. ; 14-18 years (grades 9-12)

    Teen Ministry Curriculum Focus Creating experiences that:

  • Invite them to consider the idea that God is a mental attitude within us.
  • Help them know that they are the creator of their world and they have the power of choice.
  • Help them to know that they have the power to live as Jesus did.

Unity on the River's high school program is known as Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.). These older students assume increasing responsibility for the lessons and activities of their group. A safe and sacred space is created to invite spiritual growth, positive peer support and the adoption of holy habits that will carry them in to adulthood. High school students use their understanding of the Bible and Unity principles to look deeper into everyday issues and concerns. They are encouraged to trust their own inner guidance and ability to make their own choices during Sunday spiritual experience. Accompanied by adult sponsors they are involved in church and community service projects and attend Y.O.U. regional events and rallies.