The Unity Movement

Introduction to New Thought

There is a perennial wisdom woven into the major systems of world faith. Mystics and prophets of diverse cultures share similar teachings of transcendence and oneness with God.

The founders of the Unity movement, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, discovered a personal pathway of faith through the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Fillmores developed a metaphysical interpretation of the Bible and an affirmative method of prayer and meditation inspired by the teachings of Christ, a wellspring of transcendent meaning.

As the Fillmore’s perspective spread, others applied these Truth principles to their own lives and enjoyed the rewards of healing and spiritual education. One small study group grew into an international association of churches. During the last century Unity teachers and prayer centers have touched the lives of millions of people. Today Unity is a well developed yet still evolving spiritual philosophy; its uplifting system of belief continues to speak to the heart of essential life challenges.

In a time of increasing complexity, Unity offers a voice of peace and positive thought for the modern world.

  • Unity beliefs are intended to support the practical application of sacred teachings into everyday lives. The Truth within all pathways of faith is honored and diversity celebrated by Unity ministers.
  • Unity teachers nurture a sense of connection and oneness, co-creation and discovery. They gently support and empower spiritual beings on a physical journey through lessons of love and affirmation.
  • Unity programs honor the natural process of spiritual unfoldment, the remembering of wholeness, in the students as well as in the teachers.Offering practical tools for daily living and metaphysical views of spiritual development, the Unity movement inspires transformation in consciousness and experience.

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