Unity Adult Education Classes

Unity Adult Education Classes                  

Unity Basics: An abbreviated outline of the profound teachings of Unity founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore as well as a historical timeline of Unity on the River. This is a required course for membership.

The Art and Practice of Living with Nothing and No One Against You Praised by legendary leaders Barbara Marx Hubbard and Michael Beckwith, and created by Gary Simmons (author of The I of the Storm) and master teacher Rima Bonario, this 7-week heart-centered class will bring to light the myths and messages that are sabotaging your life journey, relationships and intentions; and provide tools for living in limitless possibility.  

Keys to the Kingdom This 7-week program explores limiting beliefs about money, success, health, relationships and happiness, and provides a practical process and discipline for living in prosperity consciousness. This class meets the prosperity course requirement for membership.

 Unity Prayer This class encourages the development of a true spiritual practice by cultivating a habit of daily prayer and meditation. Learn the many practical and uplifting ways that positive prayer aligns our minds with the Mind of God.

Thriving This 5-class, based on The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by noted author and inspirational leader Edwene Gains, is a journey from fear and doubt to limitless thinking and expression. Through deep sharing, visioning and self-observation, you will come into greater awareness of the power of co-creation. This course meets the prosperity class requirement for membership.

Prosperity Plus Two Created by transformational leader and inspirational speaker Mary Manin Morrissey, Prosperity Plus offers tools for living each day from a state of abundance and prosperity. Discover strategies for positive living, spiritual aliveness and authentic success. This course meets the prosperity course requirement for membership.

Spiritual Gifts - Each of us is here for a reason; and our Spiritual Gifts course will help you explore your passion and purpose.  Learn to connect your spiritual gifts to your community and to the world.



In addition to Basic classes, Unity on the River offers Spiritual Enrichment Education Classes.