Unity Adult Education

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Unity Classes

Classes offered at Unity on the River that are taught through the lens of transformative New Thought Teachings. They are classes such as Unity Basics and prosperity classes that are required for membership. As well as other courses with approved curriculums from Unity world wide(such as SEE and Spiritual Gifts).

The Intention of Our Unity Adult Education Classes Is:

  • To awaken students to an awareness of their Divine potential.
  • To strengthen and support the Unity on the River community in its spiritual evolution and growth.
  • To support the process of embodiment of spiritual truth on all levels: physical, intellectual and emotional.
  • To provide opportunities in community for students to practice expanding conscious awareness in their daily lives.
  • To encourage emerging transformational leaders who are committed to their own spiritual growth, and who are inspired to empower the vibration of LOVE and PEACE in the world.

The VISION of Unity Adult Education Courses:

Unity Adult Education classes represent UOTR’s commitment to expanding the consciousness of love, peace joy and prosperity for all, beginning with our church community and expanding outward into the world. Our core curriculum provides powerful tools for identifying, acknowledging and moving beyond the beliefs and patterns that stand between us and the fullest expression and realization of our Christ nature.

Unity Adult Education offers dynamic, interactive classes that combine profound spiritual teachings with powerful tools designed to transform limiting beliefs and awaken intuition and expansive thinking -- the kind of thinking that transforms lives and changes the world! Using prayer, meditation, visioning, affirmation, transformational processes and activities that encourage deep spiritual understanding, we seek to awaken students to their Divine potential as transformational leaders. Students leave our classes feeling more expansive, empathic, passionate, prosperous, and empowered to live more purposeful lives.

To Qualify For Membership: 

To qualify for membership, you must complete Unity Basics and a Unity Prosperity course. email education@unityontheriver.org for more about becoming a member.  




Spiritual Enrichment Education (SEE)

For those who are called to pursue an in-depth course of study in spirituality, Unity offers credit courses through the SEE program. SEE was developed by Unity to assist students who wish to develop deeper biblical knowledge, to explore metaphysical teachings and to pursue advanced education opportunities.  SEE courses are the foundation for Unity’s Ministerial program and Licensed Unity Teacher training.

SEE courses are offered for credit at Unity on the River, on campus at Unity Village in Missouri, and through online extension learning. For more information on the program, visit the Self-Directed Learning page or peruse the SEE Schedule.

Students taking Unity classes wishing to receive SEE Credit, please register at https://www.unityworldwideministries.org/uwsi/technical-and-academic-support-information#