Sunday Service Guest Speakers

We have a schedule of guest speakers lined up through July as we search for a new minister for UOTR. This will allow for a joyus infusion of different experiences, stories, and journies to flow into our community as each one of these individules recieves a chance to speak at one of our weekly Sunday Services. You can see a detailed schedule and learn more about each speaker as they submit their words and bios below.  






Cyndi Swall



Tom Paolini, LUT



Amy Joslin, LUT



Rev Jeanmarie Eck



Music Team (Meg)



Tom Paolini, LUT



Rev Paul Hasselbeck



Amy Joslin, LUT



Rev Linda Martella-Whitsett



Tom Paolini, LUT



Cyndi Swall



Amy Joslin, LUT



Rev Aliza Bloom Robinson


Cyndi Swall

Cyndi Swall is no stranger to UOTR. A professional Coach, Speaker and BlissMentor, she has spent a number of years with our community as our beloved Consultant Guide through the Transformation Experience culture initiative. Raised in Unity and trained by Unity Worldwide, Cyndi works with a number of Boards and Ministers throughout the movement. Her recent book, Bliss In The Wild has been the theme for countless workshops and Women's Retreats across the globe. Self-proclaimed member of UOTR, Cyndi is thrilled to be back with us in support of this next phase of our transformation. 


Thomas Paolini

As a seeker for spiritual truth, Tom is a Licensed Unity Teacher, a Certified Life Design Coach; a Quantum Process Living Coach, (a concrete 21 day step-by-step, transformative process for people to use to stay connected to themselves, in times of discomfort); and certified in different modalities in mind/body awareness; such Hypnotherapy, REIKI, and Cathartic Breathwork. Tom’s personal mission statement is: “I illuminate the world as I co-ordain love, peace and generosity with all sentient beings” Tom and his wife Laurie have been married for over 30 years and have three grown children who are following their own calling in the arts.

Amy Joslin, LUT

Amy Joslin is a Licensed Unity Teacher and passionate Truth student. She currently serves as an LUT and prayer chaplain at Unity on the River in Amesbury, MA. She joyfully serves as the LUT representative for Unity Worldwide Eastern Region. Her mission statement is: "I am Divine LOVE here to be and provide a sacred vessel and as so allow those around me to feel and know the palpable presence of God both within themselves and as infinite possibility." Her Core values are LOVE, Christ Consciousness, Transcendformation, Dancing, and Gratitude. She humbly tries to live her mission and values to the best of her ever evolving awareness. 

Rev Paul Hasselbeck

Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck is a 21st Century Heart-Centered Metaphysician who is devoted to updating the language and the teachings of Unity. He is an international speaker, educator, workshop leader, and metaphysics coach. He is a minister, author and one of the co-hosts on Metaphysical Romp 2, a nearly weekly podcast.


Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson

Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson, transformational catalyst, author, speaker and ordained Unity Minister is the Voice for New Humanity Now.  She is committed to ushering in a new consciousness of Universal All-ness. Aliza plays in the quantum field and with frequencies to awaken consciousness, power possibility and embody brilliance. She facilitates spiritual awakening through her programs, courses, retreats. She is the author of a number of Amazon best-selling books, including, Shero's Journey – a Spiritual Adventure.