The journey begins with a calling. The calling leads us to each other. Our mission of the SpiritGroups program is "to inspire Infinite connections." We do this by gathering together in small groups united around a common mission. The result? A life of joy. A world of peace...

A Spirit Group is a small group that meets via Zoom every week to uplift, deepen and explore spirituality.  A Spirit Group provides a place for deeper connection with people.

  • Are you ready to develop deeper relationships and share mutual support with like-minded souls?
  • Is healthy growth and practical, fulfilling learning one of your primary values?
  • Would you enjoy contributing to a group that wants to make a difference in wonderful ways?
  • Is it time for you to experience more peace, love and joy in your life?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, we invite you to sign up for a SpiritGroup. The groups currently meet online via Zoom and run for six to eight weeks. They include in-depth discussions with like-minded people which are supported by video modules.

Session 2: Discover the Power with Rev. Michael Gott


Explore the classic work by Eric Butterworth, “Discover the Power within You,” which lays the foundation for the science and structure of New Thought traditions. Enjoy the wisdom, piano music and songs by Houston Unity Minister, Rev. Michael Gott, as deepen your experience of the power within you. Expand your understanding of New Thought teachings with your Spirit Group.
Virtual Group Dates: 7 Weeks Beginning Week of Sept 27 & Ending Week of Nov 8 
  •   Group 1 - Tuesdays 7-9pm with Ronda Heatley [Join Anytime]
  •   Group 2 - Thursdays 1-3pm with Cherie Gaudet [Join Anytime]
  •   Group 3 - Saturdays 7-9pm with Michelle [No new particpants after Oct 10]




Frequently Asked Questions About Spirit Groups

1. Why join a SpiritGroup?

  •  It provides a place for deeper connection with people. It’s a great place to make friends.
  • Grow and learn together
  • Impact your community
  • Have fun and hang out with friends

2. What should I expect after I’ve signed up?

The first meeting is an opportunity to explore the group and meet the other group participants. If you decide this is the group for you, you will be asked to join the group and attend regularly. If this is not the group for you, you may explore options with other groups.

3. How often do groups meet?

SpiritGroups meet weekly.

4. Where will my group be meeting?

On Zoom

5. Can I sign up anytime during the session?

For some groups, yes. Stay tuned for info on which groups will remain open.

7. Will the same SpiritGroups be offered each session?

Groups sometimes change from one session to the other, but all groups offer an approved curriculum for study each session.