SEE Classes

Spiritual Enrichment Education (SEE)

For those who are called to pursue an in-depth course of study in spirituality, Unity offers credit courses through the SEE program.  SEE was developed by Unity to assist students who wish to develop deeper biblical knowledge, to explore metaphysical teachings and to pursue advanced education opportunities.  SEE courses are the foundation for Unity’s Ministerial program and Licensed Unity Teacher training.

SEE courses are offered for credit at Unity on the River, on campus at Unity Village in Missouri, and through online extension learning.  For more information on the program, visit


What is SEE  Spiritual Enrichment Education?

Spiritual Education (SEE)

Whether you want to renew your passion for spirituality, discover new ideas that will change your life, explore practical approaches for everyday living, or develop your biblical knowledge, we have a program for you.

SEE courses provide practical metaphysical teachings you can use every day to enrich your life. Courses are offered during weeklong sessions on campus at Unity Village or through online and extension learning.

There are three paths within SEE:

Spiritual Enrichment Program

If you are a casual learner, you may take classes for your own enjoyment and enrichment without earning credit. Students can enroll in the same classes offered in the Spiritual Development Program without the required reading or homework. Students may earn a certificate upon completion of 25 courses.*This applies more often to those who are taking classes at Unity Village


SEE turns into SDP:

**When you have met all the course assignments(attendance, homework, paper, etc)

**When you have paid the registration fee


Spiritual Development Program (SDP)

This program offers a more structured course of study for students looking to expand and deepen their spiritual awareness. The completion of this 25-course program opens the door to credentialing as a licensed Unity teacher or minister.


Various ways you can take SEE/SDP


-Right here at Unity on the River:

Please contact us at with

any questions about SEE and for updates on what is being offered here at Unity.

-Unity Churches

-Online and Extension Courses

If you don’t want the hassles of classrooms and commutes or just can’t make it to Unity Village

for our on-campus SEE sessions, online and distance learning is for you!

We offer all classes in the Spiritual Development Program online through Self-Study and

Interactive programs. You may also find these courses at your local Unity centers.

-SEE Online: Self-Study

Study when and where you want as you learn at your own pace.

-SEE Online: Interactive (8 weeks)

Courses spread over eight weeks with assigned readings, reflection, and online discussions with

instructors and other students. (Offered three times a year)

-Check out Unity's Web page