Knowing that all creation begins in consciousness, please hold this affirmation in your hearts during this time as we step forward in Faith to manifest our next right and perfect spiritual home.


We transition with EASE & GRACE, in perfect DIVINE TIMING.



From The Board of Trustees of Unity On The River:
On Sunday, September 29th the congregation voted on the issue of selling part, whole, or none of the church property. Both Active Members  as defined by the by-laws) and Active Participants (those who are not yet members but meet the benchmarks of membership with the exception of completing all of the membership classes) were given the opportunity to vote. The results are as follows:
Total Votes Cast  -- 132
Votes to sell entire property -- 121
Votes to sell rental units -- 9
Votes to do nothing -- 2
Total Active Member Votes Cast -- 89
Active Member Votes to sell entire property -- 81
Active Member Votes to sell rental units -- 7
Active Member Votes to do nothing -- 1
Total Active Participant Votes cast -- 43
Active Participant Votes to sell entire property -- 40
Active Participant Votes to sell rental units -- 2
Active Participant Votes to do nothing -- 1
We would like to thank everyone who took part in this process. We know for some it was, and will continue to be a challenging emotional process to release the space that has served the community for so many years. On some level, we will all grieve as we say goodbye to the place we have called home. We also invite you to remember that over the years (and multiple locations) it has been, and will continue to be, YOU, the people, that bring the love, laughter, support, muscle, prayers, affirmations, service, and generosity that is Unity on The River. We will always be a center of Transformation, Celebration, Inspiration, Spirit-Centeredness, Oneness, and Joy no matter the space we call home.
Now that we know the starting point from which we will move forward, we will be in the process of creating plans for the sale and eventual relocation. As always, we will keep you informed every step of the way. Let us remember to stay heart-centered, walk in Faith, and trust in Divine Timing.
Thank you for your patience and trust.