Pastoral Care Outreach Ministry

Unity on the River Home and Hospital Pastoral Care Ministry

Director of Pastoral Outreach Ministry, Annie Houghton


"When I was sick you visited me and cared for me"  Mt.25.


Vision Statement

Our Ministry, inspired by the Spirit, flows from the Pastoral Care and Outreach of the Minister and Members of the Unity community,

Mission Statement

  • To lovingly respond to congregants who request a visit when they are in the hospital or recovering in an assisted living facility or at home. 
  • To provide presence, prayer and spiritual support primarily through deep listening, meditation and compassionate silence.


How Do I Request A Visit?

  1. Fill out a paper request for at the Office.
  2. Fill out the webform below and it will be emailed to the Office
  3. Call the Unity on the River Office at 978-834-7830 and speak with staff to dictate a request (all requests are kept confidential)




All requests are kept confidential and you can expect a response from a Prayer Chaplain within two days.

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