Our community offers a variety of programs, including a Youth and Family Ministry child education program, mid-week Samadhi Service, Prayer Chaplain requests and Adult Education classes.  We have a full array of workshops to help supplement your spiritual practice creatively.  Workshops are often offered quarterly, and can be found in our Schedule of Events area.  Prayer support is available as well as Pastoral Outreach.
Spiritual counseling appointments are also available with a member of our Prayer Chaplain team.  

Prayer Chaplains and Spiritual Support


We share our joy in service in many ways.

Sacred Service

The Sacred Service Coordinator,  directs the multitude of volunteers that help the church operate.  There are volunteer opportunities in many areas.  Volunteers are integral to sharing and creating the spiritual message of Unity on the River.

Sacred Service Ministry is a philosophy of service based upon knowing that each of us brings gifts and life experience into our spiritual communities, along with an inner desire to experience meaning and purpose in our lives. We also want to know that we are making a difference in the lives of others.

Sacred Service Ministry is about assisting spiritual community members in finding fulfilling ministry as part of their own spiritual journey. People may be called to serve in already defined ministry areas, or may even generate new ministry ideas both within and beyond the spiritual community in support of the Unity mission. Sacred Service Ministry is a whole-systems approach that provides a venue for spiritual growth. It is designed, through gifts-based service, to put systems and people in place that create ways for those serving to feel successful, fulfilled and cared for as they develop and grow. In Sacred Service Ministry, members end up both serving and being served themselves.

Creating Sacred Service Ministry is an intentional and important element in shifting from a minister-centric to a mission-centric model of ministry. Thriving spiritual communities intentionally engage members in growing and evolving spiritually and relationally through sacred service. These thriving spiritual communities honor their members as vital, fully empowered partners in ministry. This also encourages a multigenerational community involving all generations in meaningful ways.

Goals of Sacred Service at Unity on the River

  • To prepare people to understand their gifts and live out their calling in every area of their lives.
  • To help individuals mature spiritually by using their gifts to serve each other and the community, so that the “whole spiritual community can attain maturity of Spirit.  (Ephesians 4:13)
  • To draw people into meaningful roles in support of the Unity mission: Advancing the movement of spiritual awakening and transformation through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living

    Please email us if you are interested in volunteering or have a specific question about being called for a particular team.

Music Ministry

At the heart of Unity on the River is a great blessing – the ever generous support of music and the Music Ministry!!  Sunday services at Unity on the River are enriched weekly by Music Minister, Meg Rayne and a professional band featuring Keith Bickford on guitar, Steve Chaggaris on drums,  Chuck Walker on bass, professional guest vocalists, sound tech engineer Brian Doser, live CDs recorded weekly and state of the art gear for all of our musicians as well as our Unity Community Choir.  The Music Director, Meg Rayne is invited by our minister Rev. Ogun Holder to co-create each and every service together through themes, vision and a shared love of Gospel, R&B, Rock and especially original music!  We are treated regularly to the fabulous song stylings of artists such as Brian Doser, Amadee Castenell, Brian Hallisey, Trish Ives, Lesley Smith, Lynne Taylor,  & Alex Valente.

While richly rewarded with the funding to offer professional quality music each and every Sunday, the Music Ministry also offers many opportunities for the community to participate.  The Unity Community Choir is open to All congregants willing to share their gifts and talents weekly to raise their voices and bring the Unity message through song.

The magnificent sanctuary facility of Unity on the River also offers many opportunities for concerts, musical theatre, seminars and sacred services to community members and to the public alike. 

Youth and Family Ministry

The children of our world live from a core awareness of God’s indwelling presence and infinite love.

We are a vibrant Youth and Family Ministry supporting the spiritual journey of each child through love, joy and creativity.

Formerly directed by Matthew Winston, we are currently evaluating how to resurrect this Ministry in the post-Pandemic world.  The Youth and Family Ministry at Unity on the River Unity honors each child and family as an expression of the Christ within.  If you would like to help, please contact the office.

Unity encourages the spiritual unfoldment of its youth as a celebration of God through programs and activities for all youth (from newborns to high school students). Unity offers its youth a nurturing, safe space to learn, share, grow, and celebrate Unity principles.

While the adults attend the Sunday service, Unity’s classrooms are full of children and teens exploring Unity principles and teachings. Parents may sign in their children for classes at 9:45 a.m., fifteen minutes before the Sunday service begins.

In age-appropriate groups, volunteer teachers begin each class with a circle of prayer, song, affirmation, personal sharing, and meditation. Using Unity’s Living Curriculum, lessons include teachings from the Bible, sacred texts, inspirational books, and meaningful stories, as well as experiential activities in creative expression, art projects, music and dance.

As the students develop a personal discovery of his or her relationship with God, they are encouraged to ask questions and express their own truth as an individual.

More About our Youth and Family Ministry Program