Local Events

As we transition back to gathering in-person, there is a renewed excitement to reconnect and enjoy the re-emergence of local happenings together. For this reason, we are creating a list of events in the greater Newburyport and North Shore area created by or featuring, unity members, staff, musicians, speakers. We are also including events that align with Unity principles as well as online events. These happenings are are listed below so that our community can make plans to go to them together! 



Help Out a Local Family This Christmas!

Elf Helpers Needed!
Our Operations Director Stan Wrobel will be an elf for the Family to Family Program and could use some assistance in giving to a family in-need to help them have a wonderful Christmas! If you have the time and ability to be an “Elf Helper” and gather gifts for the designated family you can reach out to him at opsuotr@uotr.onmicrosoft.com, it is hoped that all the gifts will be donated by December 6th. Here is the family's gift preferences and wish list:
When asked what they enjoy doing together, they answered: Movies.
When asked if they wanted their gifts wrapped, their answer was: Yes.
Kid 1, Boy, 15 Years - Wishes: Gift card for electronics or video games, tablet, Shoe Size: 10.5., Clothing Size: XL adult shirt XL shorts.
Needs: Clothes, shoes.
Kid 2, Girl, 7 Years - Wishes: Scooter, tablet, Barbie LOL., Shoe Size: 3., Clothing Size: Small.
Needs: Shoes, dress, pants.
Kid 3, Boy, 5 Years - Wishes: Tablet, Paw Patrol/dinosaur toys, Shoe Size: 2., Clothing Size: Small in shirts, medium in pants.
Needs: shoes, pants, shirts.
Adult 1, Male, 31 Years - Wishes: Gift card for electronics, Shoe Size: XL, shirts 15 shorts, Clothing Size: 10.
Needs: Gift card to Walmart for dresser.
Adult 2, Female, 31 Years - Wishes: Microwave, Shoe Size: 10, Clothing Size: XL shirts 15 shorts.
Needs: Gift card to Walmart for dresser.
Adult 3, Male, 50 Years - Wishes: Gift card for electronics, Shoe Size: 10 W, Clothing Size: XL.
Needs: Gift card to Walmart.
We already have one gift card for Market Basket and one for Walmart. We could use another couple of gift cards and/or Kindle Tablet to help with online learning. If someone would like to shop for clothes that would be great as well!

Annual William Lloyd Garrison Lecture to Take Place December 10th



Online Mindfulness Practice Session on Thursdays with Magnolia Grove Monastery

The International Monastic Practice Center of Plum Village has been offering many Free online events, workshops, and meditations that are open to the public. The mindfulness practice outlined below is one such event:
  • 5 Minute introduction
  • 15 Minute guided meditation,
  • 30 Minute Dharma talk
  • 45 Minute Questions and Answers / “Gallery” Sharing / Sharing in breakout groups
Newcomers are welcome and no previous experience with meditation required to participate.
Every Thursday, 5-7PM