I've Got The Power

No one will argue that Jim Carrey is one of the greatest comedians of our time. From his early days in the sketch comedy series In Living Color to blockbusters like Ace Ventura:Pet Detective and The Mask, he reminded us that slapstick is alive and well. Unbeknownst to many, Jim Carrey struggled with depression, a fairly common disorder among comedians. He overcame it in part with application of spiritual principles, and has become one of the more outspoken celebrities about awareness, mindfulness, and conscious awakening. [click here to watch him speak]

My favorite Jim Carrey movie is Bruce Almighty. If by some chance you’ve not seen it, the premise is quite relevant to our current study of Unity’s 12 Powers. And by the way...Spoiler alert! After a series of  misfortunes, culminating in Bruce getting fired from his job, he complains that it’s God who should be fired for messing up his life. God, memorably portrayed by Morgan Freeman (and now as a result when I imagine my Divine self speaking to me I hear Morgan Freeman’s voice!), takes it personally and challenges Bruce to do a better job. [watch a clip here] He gives Bruce his powers with a caveat: Bruce cannot tell anyone else that he has God's powers, and he cannot use the powers to alter or interfere with free will. Bruce initially uses his unlimited powers for personal gain, and all hell breaks loose, especially after he automatically answers YES to everyone’s prayers. After finding himself (and the world) even more miserable, he concedes that God was doing it right, and he can’t handle the responsibility.

Our 12 Powers can be thought of as Divine Abilities. Since we are all inherently divine, these powers/abilities are available to everyone, regardless of intentions or level of consciousness. You’ve heard me say our life comes down to choices and consciousness: what will we choose, and from what consciousness will we choose. That means that we can apply our powers from a place of unawakened consciousness, much like Bruce did. This past Sunday I spoke about Zeal, an attitude of enthusiasm and courageousness that propels us forward into purposeful living. [watch it here] We can apply Zeal to any area of our life, like our health. I like to run and lift weights as part of my self-care and healthy living. I also like how I feel and look as a result, which reinforces my desire to work out. However, if I became too enthusiastic about it, I could take it to such an extreme that I ironically endanger my health through over-exercise and exercise addiction. I could become so compulsive and obsessive about exercising and body appearance that every other area of my life suffers.

As we develop our 12 Powers, we must also develop our spiritual consciousness so that we do not misdirect them. When I apply Zeal from a place of Christ-consciousness, I become inspired and motivated to be the best possible version of myself. Knowing that I am Divinely Whole, I become enthusiastic about all areas of my health because I am a whole being...physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I devote time to each of them, intuiting the best way to do so. I take care of my physical health by exercising regularly and moderately. I take care of my emotions by practicing self-awareness and mindfulness, by working with a therapist. I take care of my mental health by exercising my brain through study and learning. I take care of my spiritual health through meditation and prayer.

Yes, we have the power. And having it is not enough. In Luke 12:48 Jesus reminds us that, “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.” We are responsible for using our powers wisely so that we can create Heaven on Earth for ourselves, and for those around us.