Important Corona Virus Update

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear,

but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

 -- 2 Timothy 1:7 --


Dear congregation,


As events around slowing the spread of the Coronavirus continue to unfold rapidly, we have realized that we have to do our part to not put our spiritual family at increased risk. In light of our previous notice regarding continuation of Sunday services, and following the recommendations of health authorities, we are choosing to take responsible action and have decided to cancel all services, classes, trainings, and gatherings effective immediately for the next two weeks (The only exception will be the Unity Prayer class which will continue via Zoom Video Conferencing only). We will plan to resume activities on Sunday, March 29th and we will update you as we approach that time should there be any changes. During this time, certain administrative aspects will continue with reduced staffing hours during the week, and Rev Ogun will share his Sunday talk on Unity On The River’s YouTube channel.


This decision was not made easily, and was being made with consideration for the greater health of our congregation and staff and their families, and for the greater good of the local, regional, and national community. We ask that you continue your generous donations to the community at to mitigate ongoing expenses during this time. Please remember that the livelihood of many (staff, contract workers, musicians) depend on your generosity. Also, many local community support organizations that serve the most disadvantaged rely on the donations we make to them as part of our spiritual practice of tithing.


We encourage you to continue holding strong to the Unity principles that remind us to live from Faith and Presence, not fear and panic. This is an opportunity for those of us who are healthy to assist the vulnerable; for those of us grounded in Wholeness to be the Peace in the midst of the storm; for us to know that our community is strong, and with Divine Strength will persevere past this crisis. We are Unity on The River.


Rev Ogun & Board of Trustees