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If you or someone you know is experiencing food insecurity and/or is in need of emotional support you can explore some of the links below to connect with local community outreach organizations that will help. These organizations are based around the greater Newburyport area. 


The Pettengill House

The Pettengill House has their "Operation Backpack" program in full swing. Families can call to sign up for a free backpack and school supplies. They are also continuing to hold their drive-through food pantry and can deliver if there is a need. They participated in a summer bash with the Amesbury Housing Authority which was a success and continue to offer financial assistance for rent, utilities, and medical. By September 4th, many residents will lose unemployment benefits, as well as the extra 15% SNAP benefits that had been applied and therefore it is more important than ever to seek out and utilize available community support. More information is available on their website at 
Pettengill House Contact Directory: 
  • Anna Nash, Families with Children 978-243-9747     
  • Amanda Fisher, Seniors (60+) 978-243-4494           
  • Ann Champagne, Adults 978-243-9744                   
  • Lauri Murphy, Substance Misuse, Addiction Recovery Service, Addiction and Recovery 978-243-9746                                   
  • Lou Lessard, Food Pantry 978-243-9745

Amesbury Community Action

Amesbury Community Action is a satellite office of Community Action in Haverhill. They have some COVID-19 relief funds available, in the form of small grants ($450 or $650), to families needing financial support to afford rent or pay bills. They are currently supplying food and clothing, the latter of which is donated by local boutiques and Children's Orchard and is of great quality. They also have diapers available. As of now they are taking food orders by phone and leaving orders on the steps outside for pick up. In addition to this, they offer information sessions to families on fanancial topics they may need help with such as understanding their tax credit. More information is available on their website at

Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center

The Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center has their court program up and running and has 2 court advocates available every day from 8:30AM -12:30PM. There are a number of events coming up and September 15th is their Center Spotlight and serves as a way to engage people and give them direction for what to do in legal situations. There is also a domestic violence virtual training that is 10 sessions, for 3.5 hours a session, and runs from September 14th - Oct 14th. They are looking for bilingual volunteers for their Lawrence Children's program, specifically Spanish speaking, for their front desk and childcare program. More information is available on their website at

The ARC of Greater Haverhill-Newburyport

The ARC of Greater Haverhill-Newburyport provides services and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and for both individuals and families. They are currently running a hybrid model for home visits, and doing outside home visits when possible. Come September, they hope to be fully back inside homes. They've been awarded a DDS contract and have a Family Support Center in NBPT for children and adolescents. More information is available on their website at

Newburyport Youth Services

The Newburyport Youth Services ECAB Network has been awarded a MassCall3 Substance Abuse Prevention multi-year grant. Currently, they are in the process of relaunching substance abuse & prevention initiatives and focusing on mental health needs and access. They are also working on continued asset building initiatives for youth. Fall programs will be coming out soon and scholarships are available. Ask for Andi or Trish for help. Simultaneously, they are working on transportation from the Youth Center to youth's homes (or near their homes). Family to Family Holiday Program will be up and running soon! Applications for families will hopefully be available online by the end of September, and definitely by October 1st. Paper copies are available for this if needed. They are looking to connect with Woodman Way residents but having challenges getting in touch with the condo association/Board. Any contacts for this would be appreciated. They continue to offer affinity groups and a regional birthday bank. Link to affinity group flyers to share (regional): More information is available on their website at

Our Neighbor's Table

Our Neighbor's Table is bracing for the dire prospect of 315,000 MA residents losing their unemployment benefits on 9/4 and are pushing to get as many folks on SNAP as possible. They use various food programs such as ONT, Pettengill House, First Parish, etc to free up money for other necessities. Tress at ONT can do SNAP applications over the phone. Families can schedule an appointment online to meet with Tress to get signed up for SNAP, and can also register online with ONT for food pick up and delivery if needed. No income documentation is required for this. Also, ONT's SNAP awareness training is available and can come to your organization! More information is available on their website at
Our Neighbors' Table Contact Directory:
  • Tracy Kane, Community Food Access Manager 978-388-1907 ext 26
  • Tress Ricker, Food Resources/SNAP Advocate 978-388-1907 ext 18 

St. Paul's Church

St. Paul's Church provides take out and delivery, offers 3 meals every week, and has a Market Basket voucher program. They serve residents in Newburyport, Amesbury, and Salisbuy and can accommodate more meals. 
More information is available on their website at


WIC is still working remotely due to COVID-19 and encourages people to apply online via waivers so they do not have to do heights and weights. They are seeing clients online or by phone and will continue to do so due to federal rules until at least mid-November. Appointments are short, only 15 minutes by phone. In August, they will do a "soft reopening" for most the vulnerable in their Haverhill office location. They are open to pregnant women and families with children ages 0-5. The income eligibility guidelines increased, so more people are now eligible for WIC. Farmer's Market vouchers have been mailed out to families and must be redeemed before Oct 31st. Farmer Dave in Newburyport and two vendors at the Haverhill Farmers Market will accept the vouchers. There has been some confusion as the voucher will say zero- but that indicates that nothing has been spent yet. WIC and SNAP income eligibility requirements have greatly increased so many more families are able to access the program. More information is available on their website at

Ruth's House

Ruth's House in Haverhill has clothing available. Clients must show proof of government assistance and an ID. Each person can receive 3 new pairs of underwear, 3 new pairs socks, and up to 10 articles of clothing. They have suits and alteration services available to veterans. They also offer incentives for kids to read books (they receive up $1 per book and up to $5 every 3 months to spend in the thrift shop). Contact Amy for more information or look on their website at

Seacoast Head Start

Seacoast Head Start in Newburyport is taking applications for the fall - Please see the attached flyer. Applications can be taken over the phone, and typically last up to 30 minutes. They have both part-day and full-day programs available. Please call 978-499-8357 for more information and feel free to refer families who you may be working with.
More information is also available at 

AGO Community Engagement Division

Continuing with their goal to encourage communities across the Commonwealth to learn about their rights and resources available to them, the Office of Attorney General Maura Healey is offering a wide range of important webinars on workplace rights, landlord/tenants duties and responsibilities, and assistance available to our immigrant and refugee communities. Please spread the word about their Fall Webinar Series, and join by registering HERE! More Information is available at
  • Housing: Landlord & Tenants Duties - Tuesday, September 14
  • Workplace Rights & Responsibilities - Wednesday, September 15
  • Assistance to Immigrants and Refugees - Monday, September 20
  • Fall COVID-19 Scams & ID Theft - Monday, September 20


Greetings Unity on the River,

I wanted to commend you for your dedication toward following the teachings of Jesus and showing the power of prayer. My passion to help others has led me to join, an organization that provides reliable information regarding mental health and substance use. We are not a facility ourselves, but I believe that awareness is empowering.

I am reaching out to ask if you would be interested in adding to your Helpful Links page This free web guide is a resource for people who are looking to take the next step and learn more about recovery. Our objective is to ensure health and wellness within the community. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Have a blessed day,

Nyke Paul

Community Outreach Specialist

P: (800) 586-9670


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Retire Guide

Information about Housing for Seniors, Meal-on-Wheels, etc.