Guest Speakers

Senior Minister Rev. Ogun Holder typically delivers the 10am Sunday service talk.
Unity on the River is pleased to announce a variety of guest speakers throughout the year.
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2017-- 10am Sunday Speakers at Unity on the River

                                     October 8, 2017 10AM Talk and 12PM Workshop

Dean Sluyter  

(pronounced "slighter") has taught natural methods of meditation since 1970. He is the author of several highly acclaimed books and audio programs, including Cinema Nirvana and The Zen Commandments. His latest book, Natural Meditation: A Guide to Effortless Meditative Practice, is an Amazon #1 best seller in stress management and winner of the Nautilus Book Awards Gold Medal as 2015's best book on body, mind, and spirit practices. Dean gives talks, workshops, and retreats throughout the United States and beyond, from Ivy League colleges to maximum-security prisons. He and his work have appeared frequently in national media, from National Public Radio and The New York Times to The Dr. Oz Show and O, The Oprah Magazine.


       October 15, 2017

Ester Nicholson 10AM Talk and 12PM Workshop

Ester Nicholson, author of Soul Recovery - 12 Keys to Healing Dependence is a teacher, healer, recording artist and former-addict who brings her incredible journey of transformation to a practical curriculum - addressing the causes and effects of dependence as they occur in contemporary living. Ms. Nicholson infuses the 12-Step process with added spiritual concepts and teachings that transform the treatment of dependence, addiction, crisis living and suffering - through her articles, seminars, soul-nurturing music and riveting keynote speaking appearances.

A gifted vocal artist in her own right, Nicholson's musical career includes tours with Rod Stewart and Bette Midler - and appearances on such television shows as Oprah, The Tonight Show, The View, Good Morning America and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

In a step-by-step incremental process, Soul Recovery's 12 Keys are designed to resolve dependence, childhood trauma, issues of unworthiness, abandonment, shame, rejection, not-enough-ness, guilt and any other influence that is incongruent with your essential wholeness as a spiritual being having a human incarnation. By addressing these impediments, you free yourself to reveal your highest potential in all areas of life - be they personal, professional or spiritual. Because the work is done at the level of one's identity, many challenges - from dependence and obsessive behaviors to relationship and prosperity issues - can be resolved for good.

To learn more about Ester Nicholson and Soul Recovery, please visit and,h_173,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/66a135_5384f5f66ccf4834a691ddc12ee14be5.jpg       Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson October 29, 2017
                                             10AM Talk and 12PM Workshop

Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson has frequently been referred to as a Renaissance man. As a lifelong learner with a passion for self development, personal transformation, transmutation, and self awakening, he lives his bliss as a teacher, mentor, speaker, minister, and more.

His life journey has been anything but ordinary and he has quite the library of life stories to tell. You can follow some of his current adventures via and on Facebook Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson.

His Mission is: To live, move, and be an *A.C.T.I.V.E. member of society who serves to Educate, Elucidate, Emancipate, Awaken, and Empower people and communities. Through his service and through the Transformative Teachings, Technologies, and Practices of New Thought, these people and communities recognize, realize, and materialize their Full Divine Potential!
*[Authentic, Compassionate, Transparent, Inspired, Vibrant, Empowered]

As a minister, he is actively serving by traveling along the east coast where he speaks frquently at various Unity churches and Centers for Spiritual Living. In addition to this, he teaches workshops and classes on subject matter related to Empowered Living, Spirituality, Service, Communication, Holistic health and wellness, and Authentic living.