As we begin the process of rebuilding after the impacts of COVID-19, we are delegating the work to four separate committees. These include: 
The New Property Committee - For finding a new permanent property
The Minister Search Committee - For searching for a new minister  
The By-Law Committee - For updating the by-laws, Chair is Stan Wrobel ( 

Consecutive Timeline 

Rather than being attempted all at once, the goals of the The Mission & Vision, The New Property, and the The Minister Search Committees must be completed in progressive stages since each hinges on the prior's successful achievement. Below is the outline of the timeline by which these goals must be completed
  1. Property search - a building to support and serve our core values (value within our resource budget)
  2. Minister search - a minister aligned with our core values (financial resources monitored closely)
The objective of our Bylaws Revisal, as appears below, may be carried out independently of this plan. 
  • To review and revise the bylaws, then present them at a Community Meeting for approval  
Committee Members 
Each committee possesses a chair to oversee its operation as well as a board representative except for the Committee for Mission and Vision which is only lead by a moderator. These people and the members of each committee are listed below:
Committee for Property Search - Chair: Mark Schneider, Board Representatives: Mark Schneider & Sharon Maroney 
  1. Tina Michaud-Gray
  2. Nancy Reiss
  3. Amy Joslin
  4. Susan Coburn
  5. Micki Lucia
  6. Tom Baldwin
  7. Lynette Culverhouse
  8. Brian Doser
Committee for Minister Selection - Chair: Mark Schneider, Board Representatives: Mark Schneider & Malik Marerro
  1. Full board (For the minister application process)
  2. Stan Wrobel
  3. Amy Joslin
  4. Nancy Reiss
  5. Micki Lucia
  6. Tom Baldwin
Committee for By Laws Updates - Chair: Stan Wrobel, Board Representatives: Mark Schneider & Malik Marerro
  1. Barbara Wioncek