Class Policies

Class Policies

Your Presence Matters! The group dynamic is affected by each of our comings and goings.

Please arrive fifteen minutes before each class. This gives you a chance to check in, receive any class handouts and get settled before class begins.

If taking a class for SEE credit you must attend all class sessions. This is also true if you are taking a class as a qualifier for membership or another service group requirement.

Class fees are non transferable and non refundable.

The full fee for the class is expected to be paid whether you attend each class or not. Full payment is expected on or before the class begins. Any exceptions must be pre approved prior to registration and the first day class has begun.

Please let us know when you are not attending. By sending an email to or leaving a message with

In the event that class is canceled we will notify you via email. A message will also be posted on website, social media and our centers voice mail; 978 834-7830.