Sunday Service with Guest Speaker James Twyman

UOTR is pleased to announce that renowned author James Twyman will speak at Unity on the River as part of his latest spiritual journey Brother Sun, Sister Moon. Sunday service today will be the musical that James is performing and will not follow the regular structure.

James Twyman has always had a special affinity for St. Francis of Assisi, so much so that
the NY Times bestselling author, film producer and internationally famed “Peace Troubadour” recently took
orders as a Franciscan Hermit and was inspired to
write his most recent book Giovanni and the Camino of
St. Francis.
But now, Twyman will bring his stirring new musical on
St. Francis Brother Sun, Sister Moon to Broadway on
February 20-March 1, 2020--and with the beloved saint
as his model--will travel a continent penniless, on foot
and with whatever food, housing and further
transportation that God will provide to get him there.
Along the way, Twyman will perform the one-man show
as St. Francis in Portland, Santa Barbara, Phoenix,
Sedona, Santa Fe, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago,
Cleveland and Philadelphia. Committed to the saint’s
values of love for all and support for those in need,
Twyman will feed the homeless and invite them to the
performance for a night of physical and soul
“That’s how Francis would have done it,” Twyman said.
“His life was centered on serving humanity in simple,
down to earth ways. If he was alive today he’d probably
embrace things like social media, but he’d also travel with no money and no possessions. In my case, I’ll
hitchhike, walk when I have to, and rely upon others for food and places to sleep.”

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February 16th, 2020 10:00 AM