Creating Changes that Last: Resolutions and Goals that Work

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Creating Changes That Last Resolutions and Goals That Work
Facilitated by Youth and Family Director, Matthew Winston

In this workshop, you will learn to strengthen the muscles that enable graceful creation of lasting changes in your Health, Well-being, Work, and Relationships. Focus on what is important to you. Using the latest in Habit Science we will explore how to radically transform habitual behavior, thought and identity so that you may more effectively set and achieve inspiring goals. You will walk away from this workshop with an inspired blueprint for creating a major change.


• Connect your goals and actions to a vision for the future. • Replace habits that no longer serve you. • Create new habits that expand your sense of self. • Learn how to work with your default response to expectation & commitment. • Learn a 3-phase approach to new habits that will change your life.



About Matthew Winston


Matthew Winston has been a professional coach for over a decade. He applies the practices of Habit Science to help clients discover and establish routines that produce new results in Business, Relationships & Dating, Health & Fitness, and Pragmatic Spirituality.

February 22nd, 2019 7:00 PM   through   10:00 PM