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Divine Audacity
Dare to Be the Light of the World

with Tom Paolini

(6 weeks)
May 2, 9, 16, 23 and July 11

Students will learn and put into practice a conscious use of
their Twelve Powers or Abilities. According to Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore
each of us has Twelve Powers or innate abilities that we are using whether we
know it or not. The Question is how are we using them? Are we using them
consciously or unconsciously?
Author- Linda Martella-Whitsett defines divine audacity as "bold spiritual living,
living under the radial premise that I AM divine." Thanks to this graceful gift, we
can fulfill the calling to be the light of the world. With large reserves of energy,
she profiles each of the Twelve Powers developed by Charles Fillmore, the
Christian metaphysical teacher and founder of the Unity movement.
The challenge of life is to activate these spiritual powers in our daily activities.
Among them are the light of faith (the power of perception, conviction, and
expectancy), the light of understanding (the power of comprehension, realization,
and insight), the light of will (the power of choice, commitment, and willingness),
the light of imagination (the power of conception, vision, and embodiment), and
the light of wisdom (the power of judgment and discernment).
This is an Eleven week course with 10 hours of class participation and 6 weeks
of personal development and consciously living the Twelve Powers
Students will learn to use their divine abilities purposefully in order to live more
authentically and intentionally.


Students will then put into practice in their daily lives each power, taking 2
powers per week for 6 weeks, where they will then have the opportunity to write
how each power is working in their lives and how it has helped shape and
redefine their awareness of their Divinity.
We will then come back to class to review and discuss our personal
understanding and awareness of our Divine Abilities and how we will live from a
higher conscious awareness.

Required reading-Divine Audacity-DareTo Be The Light Of The World
By Linda Martella-Whitsett.

Recommended-Power UP-The Twelve Powers Revisited as Accelerated Abilities
By-Paul Hasselbeck and Cher Holton

Pre course work-read Divine Audacity-Dare To Be The Light Of The World

May 23rd, 2017 7:00 PM
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