The Science of Spiritual Living with Jackie Woodside

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The creative power of life is consciousness. The Universe is an energy system and it’s primary expression is energy becoming form. Every condition in your world is a condition in the consciousness of humanity. To have a new experience, and to create new, better, higher conditions, you must create a new inner experience. As within, so without. 
The Science of Spiritual Living teaches practical approaches to live a conscious, spiritually-focused, creative, fulfilling life. (Heavy emphasis on practical). You will leave this workshop with tools and strategies that you can immediately apply to help you overcome any current barrier or unsatisfactory condition. The techniques in this workshop have been used to alleviate depression, procrastination, addiction, frustration and all unhealed states. 
Join us for a lively, energetic, and life changing conversation. 
September 22nd, 2019 12:00 PM   through   2:02 PM