Sacred Songs and Chant: Ananti Devi Kirtan

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Ananti Devi Kirtan known as a.k.a. Meg Rayne will be in service leading chants accompanied by Lisā Kawski & Kāmpa Vashi Deva known as Nada Brahma Kirtan at Unity on the River.

Kirtan is a community based gathering for connecting hearts and minds and discovering your true nature thru breath, sound and meditation. We chant Maha Mantras and songs that invocate clear consciousness and auspicious spirit. This gathering shares a common creation with vibrations that cause a "call and response" reaction from chanting. Everyone experiences Kirtan. It has the ability to quiet the mind and bring healing to the heart and soul. Often defined as yoga of devotion, it is a practice that comes from the Bhakti Yoga tradition, a very different kind of music based on ancient chants sung in Sanskrit also known as Nada Yoga. We hope you will enjoy this experience with us.

The concept of nada brahma means the whole universe was created from the energy of sound.

Nada Brahma Kirtan is a bhakti yoga band based on the north shore.

This event is a drug free environment.

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Ananti Devi (978) 809-2968
Kāmpa Vashi Deva (603) 828-7270

Featured Leader: Guitarist & Vocals: Ananti Devi (Meg Rayne) is a devotee of the Goddess, a follower of the school of sacred love. She has been bringing her songs of love and peace to the world for over 40 years and delights in now offering chants of praise from all paths to the One. She spent 6 weeks in India and parts of Southeast Asia last year, including a week in Cambodia where she did a forgiveness ritual on a land bombed amidst the Vietnam war. Upon her spiritual travels Ananti's heart heard from her guru within to share the Mantra's with compassion. For this evening, Kampa Vashi Deva, Lisa Kawski and Friends will be joining Ananti to blend the grace of Kirtan for the evening.

Rhythm, Harmonium & Vocals: Kāmpa Vashi Deva
Kampa started drumming at the age of 11 when he volunteered for the 5th grade elementary music ensemble and marching band. He continued to play through junior/senior high school joining the school‘s jazz ensemble. After graduating h.s. he became a member of the North Shore Community College Jazz Ensemble and Adult Ed choir. He privately studied Latin percussion instruments and soon after began his professional career as a hand percussionist for various local bands in jazz, rock, reggae, funk, and R&B. In the early 90’s he was in a short-lived phenomenal band called Grape Vine Road who won the North Shore battle of the bands contest at a known establishment called Little Earl’s. In 1988, Kampa had his first spiritual experience with the Native American Lakota drum and flute. In the mid 90’s, Kampa briefly toured with the Susan Tedeski Band playing the east coast. After taking a break from contemporary mainstream music, Kampa followed his calling into spiritual music. In 1990, he met Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) and received his first darshan. There he experienced his first taste of East Indian culture. Though Kampa was ingrained in the Native American ceremonies, 8 years later he discovered Kirtan at the SYDA Foundation in South Fallsberg, NY where he also received his first darshan with Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. Not knowing where this could take him, he followed his intuition with embracing the Hindu culture. In 2014 he met the kirtan group Shiva Lila and had another awakening with his love of Kirtan. Soon afterwards he met his Gurus Bhagavan VaShi Baba & Sri Mirabai Ishwari at the Sat Manav Yoga Ashram in Farmington, Maine. Kampa became a devoted yogi and found his true musical calling of Kirtan. He has self taught and acquainted himself with the harmonium which opened up his vocals for leading chants. His favorite drums are the mridanga and djembe.
Since his revelation, he has had the inspiration and privilege to play with Johanna Beekman, Devadas Labrecque, Girish, John de Kadt, Brenda McMorrow, Adam Baur, Tamal & Shakti Lena, Lee Mirabai Harrington, Richard Davis, ShantiMaya Kirtan and Mirabai Moon.

Sound Bowls & Vocals: Lisa Kawski
Lisa’s introduction to music of all styles was encouraged at an early age. As a child, her parents would introduce her to opera and live performances of various musical genres. Lisa began studying classical piano at age 7 and continued through college. She participated in college level courses studying the history of music, anthology and music appreciation. She was involved in the school choirs in middle school. At age 13 she studied for her Bat Mitzvah tutored by her Rabbi and Cantor. Through her studies, she discovered the beauty and rhythm of chanting in a foreign language and the spiritual essence of Judaism. In later years, at the onset of attending kirtans, the fond memories she had of spiritual chanting would return to her.
Lisa’s first taste of kirtan was when she attended an event at Kripalu in Lenox, MA in 2009. She entered into the great hall and was drawn in by the chanting of mantras. Unfamiliar with this musical form, she was fascinated. It reminded her of the cadence of her chanting in Hebrew and felt very familiar. Even with her new-found interest, it was not meant for her to delve into this spiritual practice at this time in her life, that would come in 2014 when she attended a kirtan with a friend at a yoga studio and began seeking local kirtans to attend.
Lisa was introduced to the beauty of sound healing in 2016 when she was asked to play a quartz crystal singing bowl at a friend’s gathering. As she stroked the bowl, she felt the vibrations of the sound go through her entire body. She looked around to see if anyone else felt what she had – she instantly knew this was the instrument for her to share her “voice” – through singing bowls she would create her business Sound Healing for the Soul which has become Lisa’s vehicle for sharing her musical talents and expressing herself.
As she developed a following for her sound healings and frequent attendance at kirtans, she joined together with her partner to expand and embark on a spiritual path to include both sound healing and kirtan as her practice to share. Discovering her voice in 2017 has been a delight. Founding the kirtan band, Nada Brahma, along with her partner, Kāmpa Vashi Deva, has brought much joy and self-expansion for her. Lisa has had the opportunity to accompany Lee Mirabai Harrington, Mirabai Moon, Ananti Devi, Sagit Zilberman and Mirabai Devi with her musical talent and voice.

May 24th, 2019 7:30 PM   through   9:30 PM
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Suggested Donation $ 25.00
Suggested Donation $ 15.00