12 pm Workshop with Jackie Woodside- "Living In Quantum Consciouness"

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"Living in Quantum Consciousness"
Love Offering

Are you stuck in a loop?  Having a challenges with your beliefs, emotions, attitudes and thoughts, which in turn creates more of a downward spiral?  We can often times get stuck in our own emotional loops, creating more and more of the situations we are trying to avoid or not create.  Believe it or not, we can become actually addicted to these chemical patterns. It feels like we are going crazy, but in fact, we may just be starting to wake up!

Join Jackie Woodside on Sunday, February 17th to learn techniques on how to break your spirals, cycles, and chaos.  Join us in the Quantum Field of Possibilities and start creating the life you know you deserve!

February 17th, 2019 12:00 PM
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Love offering $ 25.00