Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Unity on the River ( board of trustees is a organized body of committed individuals who strive to insure a clear focus on Unity's mission, growth, values, and fiscal stability. Board members are elected at our annual meeting  in January and serve three year terms. To reach the board, please email:

Requirements for Board of Trustee Members
-The individual must be a member of Unity on the River (to be a church member requirescompletion of Unity Basics course and a Prosperity Class)

-The individual must complete one of the following classes: 
    -The Art and Practice of Nothing and No one Against You
   -Compassionate Communication  ( Class to be given Dec. 3 & 4)

Please click on individual names to email those members directly.

Tina M. Michaud-Gray,
Board President

Tina is the proud mom of two amazing young adults, Isabella and Alexander, and lives in Barrington, New Hampshire with her daughter. Tina has been attending Unity on the River since 1999, was in the first chaplain program in 2001, is a life coach through the Tony Robbins –Cloe Madanes training, RN, Licensed Massage Therapist, and a skilled health care professional with over twenty years of clinical experience in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). As a trailblazer in pain relief and recovery from injuries and surgery, she is the founder of the New England Rapid Recovery Center, located in both Dover, NH and North Andover, MA, and developer of a unique combination of healing technologies including the non-invasive, state-of-the-art Rapid Recovery system. Also using the knowledge from all her fields of study, Tina is able to assist chronic pain patients to regain quality of life.


Sharon Maroney 
Board Vice President
Is a  daughter, sister, wife, and grandmother.  I have been a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for the past 25 years.  I have worked for the same employer as an account manager for an insurance agency for the past 25 years with 46 years of insurance experience.I have been a congregant of Unity for the past three years.  I have been a greeter for 2 1/2 and currently the leader of the greeter team.  It has been an amazing spiritual journey for me in this short time.  My life, as well as myself has been forever changed because of Unity and the people of Unity.Family is one of the most important things to me, and I consider Unity family, and I look forward to continuing this relationship with everyone.


Stan Wrobel,

I grew up in the Catholic tradition and attended parochial school.  As a teenager, I sought out other ways of relating to the Divine.  Starting with Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship, I migrated to "A Search For God" study groups.  One of my fellow members of such a group introduced me to Unity.  I first attended services at Unity of Oak Park near Chicago.  When I moved to Michigan, I became an active member of Unity of Ann Arbor.  For a brief time in Miami, I attended Unity on the Bay.  Upon moving to Massachusetts, I briefly attended Christ Church Unity in Brookline and occasionally visited Unity of Somerville, until finally finding Unity on the River.  When finding myself distant from a church, I've relied on the inspiration of the Daily Word, which has guided me through some of the darkest days of my life.  Here in Amesbury, I have found a richly spiritual environment and a truly welcoming presence and wish to do whatever I can to preserve and enhance this special place.


Mark W. Schneider,
Mark found Unity on the River through his wife-to-be, Renee, in 2005 and immediately knew that he had found his spiritual home. The principles of Unity completely express the philosophies of living that he was searching for and now aspires to be.  Becoming a member in 2006, he has served in Greeting, Food/Hospitality, Music, and Technical teams.  Excited to serve on the Board of Trustees, he is inspired to see and celebrate the presence in every person he meets and to help Unity continue its mission to awaken all of humanity to its Divinity. Mark is a hands-on manager in technology to support his hobby, playing trombone with the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra, area swing bands and musical productions. In 2012 he achieved a lifetime dream when he played with the PSO at Carnegie Hall.


Malik Marerro 

I’m a father of two great teenagers (Daniel & Heather) and the partner of a beautiful lady (Lacey) who keeps me real.  I consider myself an old fashioned guy that keeps up with the modern world.   I’m passionate about everything I do.  I am hard working and very giving to others.  I love volunteering for and with this community.  I’m a great “cook” and a “Grill Master”.   I’m grateful for the Unity teachings and for the continued healing of my emotions and  renewing of my mind.   This fills me with a mighty faith that empowers me and allows me to commit to be everything that I can be.


Monica Dubay

I am a spiritual healer and leader and my purpose  is to help women and men radically change their world.  Those called to work with me are willing to undergo their inner work of transformation in order to be of service to the world.  My dedication to my own healing is evident in the fearless, maverick style of healing that I embody as it is combined with true compassion and divine wisdom.
My mission is to teach mind/body transformation. The application of the principles of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love is the focus of my life and work.  I have traveled to several countries teaching and healing, and have encouraged women to stand together in the certainty of who they are without shame or fear. My vision is to empower others with compassionate leadership. 



Lisa Pelonzi
Lisa Pelonzi is a wife and mother of two sons Jonathan and Ben.  Lisa is a neonatal nurse and photographer.  She specializes in newborns, portraits, architecture, and macro flower photographs.  In 2016 began photographing sunrise every day!  This has become a tremendous personal and spiritual connection for her.   She values her family and friends, helping people, and follows a spiritual path.  For fun Lisa loves to sing with the choir, gardening, collecting shells and heart shaped stones, reading, movies, and photographing nature.  Lisa has been attending Unity of the River for almost 2 years, and feels she has found a home for her spiritual growth and expression.

Rena David

Rena David has been the the Co-leader of the Prayer Chaplain Team since 2015. She has been a member of Unity on the River since 2011 and currently a Licensed Unity Teacher candidate. A widowed mother of two retired military sons. Having a plethora of experiences to include: Graduate of Life Mastery, Robbins Research International, Inc. Certified Ho'Oponopono Practitioner. A mortgage broker for 25+ years and certified financial planner. Member of the Women's Council of Realtors. Co-Creator of the established Affiliate Group embraced by the National Board of Realtors. Co-founded a health service company maintaining and the sales of Fitness and Bio-medical equipment. Hoisting and Portable Engineer, International Union of Operating Engineers - Local 4. Director of a 5013c. Avid interests and hobbies: Golf, suba diving, skiiing (water and snow). She has an insatiable thirst of discovery and profound respect for knowing that there is so much more to discover. She currently resides in Haverhill, MA.

Rev. Ogun Holder
Senior Minister, Member 

To find out more about Rev. Ogun Holder, please visit here.
According to the church's bylaws the minister is automatically a member of the Board.