Annual Meeting

Dear Congregant,
We hope this letter finds you and your families well during these challenging times.  Although we have not been able to gather in person for the past many months, spiritually we are always together in our thoughts and hearts.  We sincerely miss seeing each and every one of you in person but first and foremost we value everyone’s safety and well being. We hope through our virtual Sunday Services you have been feeling the peace and the love, and we are always so excited to visit with everyone at the virtual hospitality following the service.  While we are blessed to be able to stay connected in this way, it is not our preferred way of being together as a spiritual community. We all visualize the beautiful day we will be together again and in the meantime we continue our individual spiritual growth as well as the business of the church.
We are reaching out by mail to you today because as a community we have some upcoming important decisions to make together.
A.  Collective Healing and Forgiveness work
We and others in the congregation believe that before decisions are made pertaining to the future of our community such as; hiring a new minister or not and where or when we purchase a new building, we would benefit from collective healing and forgiveness work. We believe that a community process of healing, forgiveness and making peace with the past is important for moving forward as One. We invite anyone who would like to participate in upcoming community decisions to join us for this healing opportunity. 
To assist us with this process we have entered into a partnership with the well-known and respected church consultant Reverend Martha Creek to facilitate this healing work. Martha’s work with us will include the following:
  1. Monthly meetings with the board.
  2. Participation in a “Finding Yourself In Transition” Class.
  3. Participation in Congregation Dialog with Martha

Details on how to participate are attached.

B.  Unity On The River Board Of Trustees
Since the sale of the property,
  1. We and staff have been engaged in the overdue necessity of upgrading and improving our operating systems, processes and procedures.
  2. Also we have become aware that Unity on the River’s bylaws need to be brought up to date to be in alignment with Unity Worldwide Ministries recommendations.
Given the time it will take to complete these objectives with thoroughness and care, and the need to ensure continuity, we believe it will be in the best interest of Unity on the River for the current board members to remain in their positions until the proposed rescheduled Annual Meeting in May, at which time we will elect new board members as needed.
C.  Annual Meeting
In our Bylaws the Annual Meeting takes place in February.  
At this time, under extenuating circumstances, we propose rescheduling the 2021 Annual Meeting to a yet-to-be-determined date in May, for the following reasons:
  1. State health regulations currently prevent indoor gatherings of more than 25 people. All current predictions tell us that there will not be a widely available vaccine to treat the virus by February 2021.
  2. At the Annual Meeting there will be agenda items that require a membership vote. Given various technology struggles of some members of our congregation, we do not believe it would be adequately inclusive to have the Annual Meeting via Zoom.
  3. Rescheduling the Annual Meeting is not without precedent as Unity Worldwide Ministries was forced to suspend its Annual People’s Convention (and Business Meeting) this past summer due to the Coronavirus as well. 
At our Annual Meeting in May 2021 the following items will be on the agenda: 
(other items will be added as needed):
  1. Vote on updates to ByLaws
  2. Vote on renewing Rev. Ogun’s contract
  3. Elect new members to the Board
To remain in integrity with our ByLaws, we have mailed this information to you, and we ask that you respond by mail OR online below to let us know if you support the decision to reschedule the Annual Meeting. If you do not receive a letter, please lelt us know so we can update your contact information.
If you have any questions, please email the board  - board15@unityontheriver. Board members will also be available every Sunday at Zoom Hospitality to answer any questions. Please visit our website for details about accessing Zoom Hospitality and all the other online opportunities for community connection.
Peace & Blessings,
Unity On The River Board Of Trustees




Congregation Dialog with Martha Creek

Martha will facilitate ongoing heart-centered conversations with the congregation. This will allow for honest and open sharing, and the invitation into forgiveness. These conversations are open to all and we highly encourage you to attend as many as possible before the Annual Meeting. The conversations will be held via Zoom on the following dates and times:

Thursdays at 10am on Jan 14 & 28 and Feb 11 & 25

Sundays at 6pm on Jan 17 & 31 and  Feb 14 & 28


As an addtional (but not mandatory) preparation for the Dialog with Martha Creek, please watch the following recordings of Martha's recent Finding Yourself In Transition class. 

Session 1
Access Passcode: 38tvZZ+C
Session 2
Access Passcode: +eM3FT@@
Session 3
Access Passcode: 1234+Abcd
Session 4
Access Passcode: Y.g7J$v!
Session 5
Access Passcode: ?KR@#z4q

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