25 Years And Counting...

This past Sunday was nothing short of Awesome. I know, I know… it’s a word that for the past few decades has so oversaturated the cultural zeitgeist that it almost no longer carries any weight. But it’s the best word to use right now. During the entire two-hour 25th Anniversary Celebration Service, as well as the fellowship time that followed, I was awestruck by the standing-room-only sanctuary of jubilant energy; by the always soul-lifting music that took us even higher; by the faces of people there for the first time, or since the first year, or all the times in between; by the laughter and tears; by the feeling of Oneness so palpable it almost overwhelmed. Some other feelings that morning? Wonder. Admiration. Joy. Appreciation. 
From four people in the founding minister’s living room in 1994 to the 200 who could make it on Sunday (plus another hundred livestreaming online) is no small feat. Like any community, we’ve had our share of ups and downs, of people coming and going. And we’re still here. More than that: we’re still creating the space for lives to be healed and transformed. This past Sunday we celebrated 25 years of lives healed and transformed. When people tell me Unity On The River saved their life, I don’t hear exaggeration. I hear surrender… and love… and service… and the true power of this spiritual community I am humbled to be a part of.
On Sunday, many who had not been there for months, or even years, said they forgot how good it felt to be there. ‘Forgot’ may have been the only word that came to mind in the moment, but I dare say it was more than just a mental lapse. Spiritual transformation and awakening is a process that transcends time and space and memory and feeling. It’s a coming home to our true self; to our Divinity. And whether or not that process began at Unity on The River, it’s what our soul recognizes and remembers every time we walk through the doors. Unity on The River is a metaphysical representation of our Spiritual Homecoming. It’s a feeling… no, an awareness that is always with us because we are always coming home to ourselves.
Unity on The River is a Divine Idea made manifest. Thank you to every single person who lent their consciousness so that true Divine Order (Mind, Idea, Expression) continues to be made visible, and felt in ways beyond words. Thank you for 25 years of Celebration, Transformation, Spirit-Centeredness, Oneness, and Joy.