2019 Annual Meeting Reports and Follow Up Meeting Videos

Please find below Annual Report documents and the YouTube Videos for this year's Annual Meeting and Annual Meeting February follow up meeting. 
Items discussed include the options for the Unity on the River property. 

Please click individual links below to download reports:

(Please also see contact information below)

2018 Minister Report

2018 Operations Report

2018 Spirit on the River Report

2018 Pastoral Care Report

2018 Prayer Chaplain Report

2018 Communications and Marketing

2018 Youth and Family Ministry Report

2019 Budget Worksheet

2018 Annual Profit and Loss

Disbursement Spreadsheet

Unity on the River

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Office Hours: Mon-Wed.  10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Rev. Ogun Holder: revogun@unityontheriver.org  

To reach the Board, please emil: board15@unityontheriver.org

To reach Terri Naroian and the  Spirit on the River Board please email Terri at terrin@kw.com


January 27, 2019-Annual Meeting


Jan. 24th Annual Meeting Follow up (Spirit on the River Discussion)