Welcome to the Unity on the River live-stream of Sunday service.  You will notice some recent changes to our page.  We will now use YouTube to stream our service.  On Sunday, please enjoy just clicking the first player below like you would a normal video.  If you experience any problems, kindly let someone on staff know.  You can find the most recent service in the second box.  We will update those weekly. 
We will be uploading all of our previous services from 2015-2016 to YouTube.  They will be available for you to watch very soon!  Please dont hesitate to call the office or email if you have a question.  


  Sun. April 2, 2017 Rev. Ogun Holder

Wed. March 22, 2017- Interfaith Dialogue: Rev. Ogun Holder and Candradasa




 Previous Service Sun. March 26, 2017-Rev. Ogun Holder








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