Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Evolutionary Council

The Evolutionary Council was formed as part of UOTR’s Transformation Experience pilot program.   

The Evolutionary Council has captured the thoughts of the community about their individual experience at UOTR through  70+ sacred conversations.  This council, made up of  a cross section of congregants,  is guided by Carol Waleryzak and Beth Burton. Other members of the council include Cynthia Barclay, Beth Burton, Susan Coburn, Michelle Gallant, Judy Hajjar, Darcy Johnson, Kala Kimball, Joanna McLaughlin, Arlene McNulty, Angel Mouhtouris, Barbara Parton, Nancy Reiss, Ronda Heatley, David Watt, and Matthew Winston.  The council prepared a detailed summary report which was presented to the Leadership Group.  The emerging intentions and goals for the coming years will be based upon the thoughtful research of this group. UOTR will continue to look at the current experience of the community and how it aligns with the center’s mission and values.

The Evolutionary Council also mapped all the major functions at UOTR.  This process, called “Mapping what is,” will help guide the Leadership Group as it makes decisions on the current and future intentions and goals.