Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Transformation Experience

Raising Consciousness, Shifting Culture, Building Community, and Developing the Organization

The Transformation Experience is a whole-ministry transformational initiative designed to create thriving ministries and enlightened leaders. This three year, full-community engagement facilitates a measurable shift in a ministry’s capacity to fulfill its mission and co-create a world that works for all. This is accomplished by integrating the wisdom and Divine consciousness within the Unity movement with the leading-edge practice of the Thriving Ministry Model.

Unity on the River (UOTR) and 12 other Unity communities have been chosen to be part of this pilot program sponsored by the Unity World Wide Ministries. The program includes four visits per year with UOTR’s consultant/guide Cyndi Swall, webinars, coaching, and training on developing spiritual leadership and the creation of thriving church models.

A Congregant-Led Program

An internal Leadership Group, led by Jm McQuade, has been created to guide the Transformation process. Other members of this group include Reverend Shipley, Reverend Morgan, Jackie Woodside, Jane Cowan, Jean Soucy, Debra Danforth, Lesley Smith, Jack Santos, Diane Puglielli, Sheila Semanek, Eric Waleryszak, Jane Bloom, Christina Meriah, Donna Witham, Lucy Riddell, Linda Carboneau, Cheryl Noonan, Ellen Labrie, Beth Burton, and Terri Bessette.  The Leadership Group will be guiding the process of transformational change throughout the three-year program.

Full Congregant Participation

The Evolutionary Council has captured the thoughts of the community about their individual experience at UOTR through  70+ sacred conversations.  This council is guided by Carol Waleryzak and included 15 other members, representing a cross section of the UOTR community.  The council prepared a summary report which was presented to the Leadership Group.  The emerging intentions and goals for the coming years will be based upon the thoughtful research of this group. UOTR will continue to look at the current experience of the community and how it aligns with the center’s mission and values.