Monday, November 30, 2015

The Art & Practice of Nothing and No One Against You with Anne Bryer starts Apr 19, Sundays

Learn tools that will uncover the myths and messages that are sabotaging your life journey, relationships and intentions.  The workbook will be available for purchase in the bookstore. Please sign up in Hospitality.  

Sundays, starting Apr 19 & 16, May 3, 10 & 17, 11:45a-2:45p , Transformation Room.

Contact Anne Bryer at (207) 439-2324 with questions. There is a suggested love offering of $10 per class.

As we move beyond our 3 year Transformation Experience program, we are opening ourselves to make changes, personal shifts in our consciousness. To support us, Rev Dr Gary Simmons and master teacher Rima Bonario have developed this 5 week class. This program is the centerpiece of the Transformation Experience. It is foundational to all other aspects of the Pilot Program because it brings our entire community into congruence with our Unity principles and spiritual practice. When we feel diminished or uncomfortable by what we are having as our life experience, we are no longer relating from our wholeness and worth. The Art & Practice program is a heart-centered, experiential process that teaches how to identify the beliefs we have created about ourselves; how perception and meaning interact with our emotions to create patterns of being and relating that can become ingrained. Then, using the latest brain research and quantum science, it takes us through a  transformative 21 day practice by providing an easy to follow template for activating our authentic wholeness and worth.

How can this help me?

  • Learn tools that will uncover the myths and messages that are sabotaging your life journey, relationships and intentions.
  • Live in even more integrity with Unity principles by expanding your consciousness, opening to infinite possibilities for relationship to yourself, family, friends, Unity and the world.
  • Contribute to fulfilling our mission to be a thriving spiritual community.

The Art & Practice program has been praised by such legendary figures as Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Beckwith, Cindy Wigglesworth, Howard Ceasar and Dr Roger Teel. Be sure to take part in this amazing class and learn The Art and Practice of Living with Nothing and No One Against You.

Should you choose to join us on this soul journey be forewarned that if you take this teaching to heart your life will never be the same. It has the power to completely release you from victimization, egoism and fear. It has to power to unleash your infinite potential as an awakened being.


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